25 April 2024


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Research &Practice Interest

Social Architectural Initiatives, Musical and Architectural Theory & Creation, Urban Critical Studies, Mind Philosophy, Aesthetics, Post-humanism, and Technological Object/Space

Academic Experience

08.2024, Neuro-architecture Conference, Moving Boundaries, Sweden, Finland (Virtual Participation)

04.2024––06.2024, Urban Researcher/Activist at This is Tomorrow (Postgraduate), Independent School for the City, Rotterdam

03.2023––07.2023, Researcher in Cooperative Housing in Colonized Hong Kong, Lingnan University. Supervised by Prof. Carmen Tsui

08.2019, VR Social Design Project for Urban Transportational Infrastructure, Hong Kong University

07.2019 Theatric Innovative Design and Programming, Beijing University

Industrial Experience

09.2022––11.2022, Architectural Designer, RAD (Research Architecture Design), Hong Kong

08.2022, Curatorial 3D Modeler, HKIA (Hong Kong Institute of Architects), Hong Kong

07.2022, NFT Designer, Fuchsia Capital Limited, Hong Kong

06.2022, Conceptual Designer, Flow Community Bookshop, Hong Kong

Collaborative Participation

04.2024, Collective Live Coding at Varia, Rotterdam South

03.2023, Attendee at International Musical Forum, Ircam Center Pompidou, Paris

03.2024, Noise Instrument/Sculpture, Cyprus College of Art

01.2024, (ongoing) Incidental Murmurs, Urban Sound Project, Hong Kong, Paris, Rotterdam

08.2023, Participant at Feminist School女權學校 (Annual Summer Scholar Event, Founded by Feng Yuan), Hong Kong

06.2020––07.2022, Social Prototype Design for Homeless People in Hong Kong, Collaborated with Prof. Peter Ferreto, Impact HK (NGO)

12.2019, Participatory Exhibition, Uncompleted, Organized by Chinese Artist, Social Architect Li Juchuan, Sifang Art Gallery, Nanjing, China

12.2019, Initiator of Experimental Architectural Educational Studio, Southeast University, Hong Kong. Collaborated with Prof, Gu Daqing, Zhu Haohao 

06.2019, Voluntary Art Teacher, Old Street Primary School, Wuhan Suburbs, China


09.2023––04.2024, Master’s Research Student in Musical and Architectural Theory, Paris School of Architecture

08.2018––07.2022, Bachelor’s Student of Architectural Studies in Social Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong